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With Lawful Excuse PDF


A Graphic Handbook of Freedom
By Freeman-On-The-Land Robert-Arthur: Menard

There is an opportunity for you here to take simple steps that will allow you to fully and completely regain your freedom. It is not a harmful process nor is it in any way unlawful It is merely the truth which has always been and when properly applied always works. 

Chances are you have a drivers license, but have never read the Motor Vehicle Act under which you applied. Chances are you do not even know what the word 'apply' really means and if you did you would have to ask yourself why you should apply to the government if they are supposed to be your servants. 

The information presented herein is powerful and dangerous to attempt to apply if you are motivated by greed, personal gain or profit. If you think the information will allow you to avoid responsibilities you are incorrect. Freedom requires a higher level of responsibility and that is why many seem to fear it. 

With the truth you can define and create your own reality and how the government deals with you. It will not empower you to break any laws. It will however stop people from imposing what is merely their will on you as if it were the law.

Visit and view sample pages from the book or find out more about the movie.

  • Manufactured by: World Freeman Society

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