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Robs Very Cunning Plan Free PDF

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By Robert-Arthur Menard

The World Freeman Society is on the leading edge of positive change. We offer a comprehensive plan to promote and serve peace and abundance across the entire world. Our goal is to create a global community of Stock holding Freemen enjoying peace, unity, brotherhood and abundance. In short, we envision the Kingdom of God, with dignity and goodness for all.

We have identified the challenges and requirements to this and created a strategy that begins with the creation of the The World Freeman Society. By promoting and upholding the proper execution of the Law, The Freeman Society will be able to do what many have tried and failed to do: hold police officers, government representatives and judges accountable while empowering and freeing them to act lawfully for our benefit. Creating a legally nameable society is the first step to preserving and protecting our freedom.

The World Freeman Society will be established in three phases: foundation, national growth, and international expansion. Foundation members will create the Society by researching and developing various projects such as creating a team of educated Notary Publics, ensuring that we are protected by peace officers acting upon their oath, and enabling full and complete access to impartial courts. By doing so we will secure the ability to guard our essential rights, health care, post-secondary education, national sovereignty, and hold the stock we own.

The World Freeman Society has the unique potential to improve living conditions on planet earth. With interest in the The World Freeman Society spanning the globe, there is no telling what we can accomplish when we work together. If you have a big heart and a bright mind we invite you to join us during this exciting time.

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