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Parking Tickets De-Constructed PDF

Parking Tickets ~ The Scam Revealed!†
By Robert Arthur Menard†

Never Pay Another! Never Go to Court!†

Simple steps you can take which will ensure you never pay another parking ticket. Consists of actual correspondence between one man issued a ticket, and the people who tried in vain to get him to pay. We live in a world where it seems on a daily basis government authority and power over our lives increases. Demands for payments increase, while services and their quality decreases. We all know the feeling we get when in this stressed out and demanding world, we come back to find that little ticket on our windshield. They are so irritating because they donít usually demand enough to make fighting it worthwhile, but at the same time it is enough that it can affect your monthly budget. Often times the manner in which they were issued is obviously wrong, yet it might cost you more to dispute the ticket in time off work than if you merely paid. So we pay. And we pay. In little ways every day, we pay. It gets to be a burden and can harm our health and our personal relationships. There is another way...

  • Manufactured by: World Freeman Society

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