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Letters To Authorities PDF

By Robert-Arthur Menard

We live in a society where we labour under and are governed by more laws, statutes, regulations and bylaws than Soviet Russia. The people who enforce these regulations are very well recompensed for their efforts and the big problem is, they do not understand the source, nature and limits of their authority. Ask them what some of the words in their mandates mean and they do not know.

It is clear that many people who benefit from some societal mechanism rarely wish to understand that mechanism, especially if it appears to give them power or authority and understanding that mechanism would limit, restrict or diminish that apparent power. They don’t want to know.

They may use a lot of deception to govern, but we can not place all the blame upon them; half clearly belongs to us, for we have been ignorant. Their deception does not work without our ignorance. It is far easier to deal with our own ignorance then it is to deal with their deception.

Letters to Authorities covers the following topics:
  • License This: A look at Driver’s Licenses and your apparent ‘need’ to have one. Letters were sent to The Minister of Finance. He responded, once.
  • Free Transit: Public Transit, Private cops. One threatened to smash my face into the ground and then arrest me, merely because I asked for his badge number. So I started reading their Regulations and guess what... SkyTrain is free! Of course, you should decide for yourself.
  • The Big Questions: I was reading in the paper and they invited the public to send in ‘BIG QUESTIONS” and then gave very mundane examples. I thought to myself “Hmm....Lets have some fun... Let’s get Fundamental!
  • Permit My Butt: Do you really need a permit to operate a business?
  • We’re Smokin’ Now: Tools you can use to secure your right to smoke, own, possess, grow or sell marijuana, pot, herb, weed and sckootch. Provided of course you choose to, as an aware adult.
  • Maxim Effect: Maxims are cool. They have a great deal of force in Law, and if you wish to understand some basic concepts in Law, read these. Plus they are handy when dealing with government agents.
Note: this is included in the Freeman on the Land Print Study Pack, no need to purchase separately if you buy the package.

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