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Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception PDF

By Robert-Arthur Menard 

"When a well packaged web of lies has been gradually sold to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic".

This pdf bursts over 40 bubbles including: A human being and a person are not the same thing. Legally they are very different. We are not obliged to register our children. If we do, we are signing our child’s person over to the government. We have a Common Law right to travel on the highways without a license. We have to ensure we are in an unregistered automobile, though. Just like your offspring, you sign over ownership to the government when you register. We are not obliged to get a business license. We have the right to engage in commerce without first seeking permission from the government. Plus much much more... 

This is the Pdf e-book version of Robert: Menard on topics the government does not want you to study. 

Note: this is included in the Freeman on the Land Print Study Pack, no need to purchase separately if you buy the package.

  • Manufactured by: World Freeman Society

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