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Statutes DeConstructed PDF

Statutes DeConstructed ~ Transit Conduct and Safety Regulations†
By Robert Arthur Menard†

Itís Public Transit, they built it and run it with our tax dollars, yet to ride it we have to pay? If for some reason, we happen to be without money that day, (likely because they have been taxing us so heavily!) they can then order us off the train, detain us, conduct an investigation , issue us a Violation Ticket and then order us off the property and strand us miles from home, perhaps even jeopardizing our lives. This is what we pay for? Whereís the sense?†

The author of this work has had a number of interactions with SkyTrain Security, one especially thought himself above the Law. An in depth examination of these regulations have revealed what many have felt all along; itís free if you know where their deception is! You will not just be able to get on and tell the Security what you know; they love their power and do not want to give it up. However, you can ask them questions, and if they fail to answer them, they lose the ability to claim that you are acting unlawfully.†

You should also serve the Notice of Understanding and Intent at the back of this booklet on TransLink, that way they have no excuse for bothering you. You will also find a Claim of Proof of Fare Card in the Back. Cut it out, sign it and have it laminated, when they ask for a Proof of Fare, show them that and force them to prove the assumptions they act upon.†

Our purpose is not to turn TransLink into an unconditionally free service; we just donít want to see people being kicked off because they are $2 short.

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